INNOPOWDER is a KEY-ENABLING-TECHNOLOGY to overcome technological and economic barriers for the industrial wide up-take of Metal Additive Manufacturing (MAM).


INNPOWDER is a high-quality and cost-effective metal powder for manufacturing 3D printed components tackling the following challenges:

  • Currently used metal powders for MAM have originally been produced for other applications, these conventional powders are not optimal for 3D Printing.

  • Many advantageous alloys cannot be properly processed as they are designed for other powder metallurgy applications.

  • Consequently, powder production and processing costs for MAM based on conventional powder production technology are prohibitively high or not possible.

INNOPOWDER are metal powders, which have been specifically designed and tailored for MAM applications. INNOPOWDER provides a cost-effective key-enabling-technology for the industrial uptake of MAM in many sectors, such as transport, renewable energy generation, home appliances and electronics.

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